In conjunction with your attorney, we will develop an estate plan to help you get your assets to the person(s) or organizations you desire with a minimum of gift or estate tax.  This is best done through advance planning.  The appropriate plan allows you to have control of the disposition of your assets during your lifetime as well as upon your death.

Although changes in the law make it difficult to guarantee the desired result will be the ultimate outcome, planning now can assure the best results in the short term should something happen to you.   If you already have an estate plan in place, annual reviews ensure your plan takes into account law changes and/or changes in your situation.  Don't put planning off as you don't know what tomorrow will bring.

Another important aspect of working with estates is understanding the income tax basis of assets transferred to beneficiaries whether it be during your lifetime or upon your death.  There is considerable difference in the income tax consequences to the recipient of your property when they dispose of it.  Come in and we can discuss the best way to transfer property with the least overall tax consequences to both the giver and the receiver of property.